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Chart of Meat Cuts

Linda and David Hoehne are committed to producing the very best farm raised meat for you table. All our livestock are free range, hormone- free and grass fed.

We sell beef cattle meat, goat meat and sheep meat. You buy the cow on the hoof from us, and we can send it to our local processor, Harpo's Das Butcher Haus, for custom processing, or you can use a butcher of your choice. We can delivery your meat, or you can pick it up from Harpo's Das Butcher Haus. You do pay us directly for the meat, and the butcher is paid by hanging weight for the processing.

We  request that you call Linda at 479-586-2281 to order your quality fresh goat and sheep meat products, as availability may change during any year.

working with cattle all year round


Farming Is Our Pride and Our Passion

We raise certified Black Angus-Gelbvieh mix cattle ( aka Balancer Cattle) for meaty. tender beef. You can purchase a whole, half or quarter beef for sale. You can order your beef by phone, online, or in person. In fact, we welcome you to visit the farm anytime to see your personal beef and to view the way it's being raised. Come alone or bring the family, but please call first to arrange the visit.

Raising Cattle Responsibly

Large cattle ranches may not have the time or the manpower to treat their cattle the way we do. As a smaller operation, we can focus on clean and gentle treatment for each our our animals, from birth to processing. Once you have chosen your beef, Linda will gladly keep you posted of the growth of your beef until it is processed and ready for pickup.

By combining livestock types, we create a healthy farmland and pasture environment that encourages growth and health for all of the animals who are raised at Rockin H.

 On the Hoof Pricing
For Rockin H Beef, Goat and Sheep

Beef pricing is variable, but currently runs $1.50/lb. Your final price will depend on the weight of the animal you purchase, so please call for that information. Processing costs are extra and paid directly to the butcher.

Prices for goat and sheep meat can fluctuate depending on a number of market factors, currently ranging between $3 and $5 per pound. Processing costs are extra and paid directly to the butcher. Please call for current pricing before ordering.


Want Your Meat Processed at Harpo's
Das Butcher Haus here in Green Forest?

Das Butcher Haus, Green Forest

Click here to download cut sheet for Das Butcher Haus