Our Cattle

The Balancer Difference

We raise Balancer Cattle - a cross between Angus and Gelbvieh beef cattle.

Balancer Cattle are registered hybrid seedstock and have documented pedigrees and EPDs. Balancers animals are 25 - 75% Gelbvieh, and the rest Angus.

Balancer Bulls

Raising Balancer Bulls is a fine art. We strive for calving ease, birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, breeding soundness, disposition, fertility, efficiency, and disease prevention. The Balancer is the best of both worlds. It has growth and muscle you'd expect in the Gelbvieh breed, with marbling quality you find in the Angus breed. If you are going to buy and produce quality beef livestock on your farm or ranch, we encourage you to come and view our livestock.

Balancer Cows

Balancer Beef Cattle are one of the hardiest and most valuable cattle breeds in the marketplace. The hybrid cross of Gelbvieh and Angus genetics helps to add an increased lifespan for cattle, improve their digestion, increase yield grades, and improve lineage. They are simply superior animals that yield high quality beef.

Why Purchase Rockin H Cattle?

We're an experienced farm family and we are passionate about raising the best cattle. Our herd health program starts the day the calf is born and integrates vaccination, medicine, and management to prevent disease. We raise our own organic hay. Linda was raised on a cattle and cotton farm in Texas, and David spent a lot of years working on farms in Ohio. Farming is in our blood. We are committed to raising clean beef from birth to processing in a gentle environment. Raised start to finish on our farm, our Rockin H Cattle provide excellent quality meat. When you purchase our stock, we know you can raise cattle of like quality at your own operation.

If you are looking to add a fresh bloodline to your existing herd, these cattle are worth the investment.

Please fill out our contact form, or call Linda at 479-586-2281 for more information and to view our cattle operation.